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JS Pump - JS Pumps Catalogue & Price List. Submersible Pumps.

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In the All Pumps Direct UK JS Pump Online Catalogue you will find all the information and prices needed before you purchase your JS Pump.

All Pumps Direct UK supply the whole range of JS Pumps, to purchase the pump you need simply go to the JS Pump Shop above, choose the category and then the pump model, when you select the  button you will automatically be transfered to our main pump and pumping website 
www.allpumpsdirect.co.uk the pump you have chosen will appear on its own page with all the accessories needed, then just add to cart.. 

All Pumps Direct UK accept cheques, credit and debit cards or there is information for internet banking. you can also find an option for downloading a pro-forma invoice before checking out.



JS & JST Submersible Drainage Pumps        

JS Pump, Submersible Heavy Duty Contractor Water Drainage Pumps.

JS 250 Pump.
JS 400 Pump.
JS 750 Pump.
JS 1500 Pump.
JST 4 Pump.
JST 8 Pump. 
JST 15 Pump.
JST 22 Pump.
JST 37 Pump.
JST 55 Pump.
JST 75 Pump.

JS Pump, SV Submersible Sewage Vortex Impeller Pumps
JS 150 SV Pump.
JS 250 SV Pump.
JS 400 SV Pump.
JS 650 SV Pump.
JS 750 SV Pump.
JS 1500 SV Pump.
JST 4 SV Pump.
JST 8 SV Pump.
JST 15 SV Pump.
JST 22 SV Pump.
JST 37 SV Pump.
JST 55 SV Pump.
JST 75 SV Pump.

JS Pump, SK Submersible Sewage Cutter Impeller Pumps

JS 750 SK Pump.
JS 1500 SK Pump.
JST 8 SK Pump.
JST 15 SK Pump.
JST 22 SK Pump.
JST 37 SK Pump.
JST 55 SK Pump.
JST 75 SK Pump.

JS Pump, GS Submersible Sewage Grinder Pumps

GS 1200 Pump.
GS 1500 Pump.
GST12 Pump.
GST 15 Pump.
GST 22 Pump.
GST 37 Pump.

JS Pump, RS Submersible Water Drainage and Water Feature Pumps

RS 100 Pump.
RS 250 Pump.
RS 400 Pump.
RS 550 Pump.
RS 750 Pump.
RST 6 Pump.
RST 8 Pump.
RST 15 Pump.
RST 22 Pump.
RST 37 Pump.
RST 55 Pump.
RST 75 Pump.

JS Pump, RSD 400 Submersible Residue Water Drainage Pumps

RSD 400 Pump.

JS Pump, RS Submersible High Flow Minimun Power Propeller Pumps

RS 400 AL Pump.
RST 4 AL Pump.
RST 8 AL Pump.

JS Pump, JST KB Submersible Sludge and Slurry Drainage Pumps

JST 55 KB Pump.
JST 75 KB Pump.
JST 110 KB Pump.

JS Pump, JS KZN Submersible Sludge and Slurry Drainage Pumps

JST 37 KZN Pump.
JST 55 KZN Pump.
JST 75 KZN Pump.
JST 110 KZN Pump.
JST 150 KZN Pump.
JST 220 KZN Pump.

JS Pump - JS Pumps Catalogue & Price List. Submersible Pumps. JS Pump Shop - All Products JS Pumps, Submersible Water Drainage & Circulation PumpsRS Pumps, Water Feature & Drainage PumpsRS AL Pumps, Submersible High Flow Propeller Water PumpsRSD 400 Pumps, Submersible Residue Water Drainage PumpsJS SV Pumps, Submersible Sewage Vortex Impeller PumpsJS SK Pumps, Submersible Sewage Cutter PumpsGS Pumps, Submersible Sewage Grinder PumpsKB & KZN Pumps Submersible Sand Sludge & Slurry Industrial Pumps